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Rehab/remodel/preservation/addition /roofing 

just to name a few things we provide..  new construction property preservation, reo, remodeling, additions, landscaping, rehab mold remediation, basement, roofing, deck, window, siding, installation, sheet rock dry lock, turn key, frame work, electrical, HVAC,, plumbing, trash outs, hard scape, customize work, odd jobs, pools,  grills, masonry, concrete, maid service... demolition,  staging,  painting  and much much more!!

Put it in our hands / Preservation 

put it in our hands Is a  service where most major companies may have big rehabs,construction sites etc, we take the weight off everyone including The General Contractors, CEO's, Supervisors and  the  clients..


Preservation is a new service contract offering clients an innovative and cost saving way to meet all your residential and commercial needs.With additional yearly perks,including auto services,the savings to the customer and the profits of our exceptional service provisions will be startling.

residential    commercial   industrial 

  1. Hot Water Heater Replacement​​

  2. Gutter Cleaning

  3. Window Cleaning/1x year

  4. HVAC Inspection/1x year (air conditioning and heating)

  5. Power Wash/1x year

  6. Window Glazing and Caulking 

  7. Replace Window and Door Screens

  8. Replace Window Panes

  9. Weather Stripping

  10. Unexpect Pipe Leaks

  11. Patch Roof Leaks if detected.

  12. Touch up painting including dents and dings

  13. Trash Hauling

  14. Fixture Replacement

  15. Socket and Switch Replacement

  16. Replace Thermostats

  17. Light Fixture Replacement

  18. Replace Vents and Registers

  19. Wall Plate Replacement

  20. Handrail Replacement

  21. Basic Pool Care Opening and Closing

  22. Hvac Filter/1x/year

  23. Basic Move-In and Move-Out Clean-Up

  24. Carpet Shampoo/2x year

  25. Replace Stove and Oven Burners

  26. Replace Toilets , Toilet Seats, Pumps and Valves

  27. Lock Change and Key Cutting

  28. Light Bulb Changes

  29. Groundskeeping/ Full Lawn Care

  30. Smoke Detecter - Replacement of batteries and detectors

  31. Fire Extinguisher Replacement

  32. Hardwood hinges, doorknobs and cabinet knobs

  33. Stain Touch up

  34. Chair, Table and Tent Set-up

  35. Playground Set-Up.

  36. Set-up and Breakdown of Grill

  37. Box Pool Set-Up 

  38. Set-up Basic Curtain Rods​

  39. Set-up Indoor Outdoor Furniture

  40. Fire Pit Clean Up

  41. move in move out clean up

  42. paint and carpet redo. *p,c 

  43. maid clean 

  44. office clean 

  45. moving brake downs 

  46. local buy and haul 

  47. holiday lighting set up an brake down 

  48. mulching [mulch not incl] 

  49. pool care 

  50. playground setup and up keep

  51. basic furniture 

  52. and more

Also for being a subscribe member 

you get discounted %on

rehab /remodeling/ roofing /painting/landscape design/ HVAC work pluming/ electrical/decks/windows/ siding /additions/basement/sod

    much much more! 

Extra free benefits include one family vehicle:

  1. Auto bulbs, fuse, and air filter replacement.

  2. Full detail Auto Clean /2x/year

  3. Fluid Top off, as needed

  4. Oil/Change

  5. Replace Brake Pads

  6. One Tire Replacement

  7. Replace Wiper Blades

  8. Rubber Coat Touch Up.

  9. Replace Battery

  10. Minor ScratchRepair

plumbing/electrical /HVAC/


customize work 

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